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Sugar-Free is what the consumer want!

Our pre-launch of our sugar-free products in Trondheim Friday 13 September proves that reducing sugar intake is something many are concerned about. Many, meaning; consumers. The manufacturers probably want it too, but then how can they do it?

For most it is not quite straight forward to do it. Artificial sweeteners may be suitable for some products, but then  a majority of consumers do not completely trust the “research” and “facts” presented. Such “documentation”, arguments, may fall into the category along with what is popularly called “Fake News”. It becomes something similar that one might call “Fake Facts”. The conclusions may be right, but consumers don’t  completely trust it!

Many choose to use polyols, also called sugar alcohols (Maltitol, erythritol, sorbitol, etc.). The problem there, for such sweeteners there are challenges.  One problem is that they are not approved in beverages, because a high intake will lead to bellyache. The reason is that the bad gut bacteria love it and when they get it, they outperform the good bacterial flora, which in turn can lead to diarrhea for the consumers.

Read our research regarding what consumers want.

Claudia Münch JustSweet can be used for almost anything

Everything you use sugar for. It is a prebiotic sweetener which, in addition to providing products with the sweet taste consumers like, ie the taste of sugar, in addition to it is JustSweet prebiotic. Don’t go into it here, but there is information on it on the product’s own website;

Products with Claudia Münch JustSweet

We had not planned to attend Anuga this year, but as a Norwegian company, it would be almost rude to refuse when a request comes from Apex-Brasil if our products can be exhibited in Germany, at Anuga. With a high focus on forest fires in the Amazon, there are nations, many large international companies seeking political gain and popularity among voters and customers, by advertising boycotts against Brazil, or products that might originate in regions such as the Amazon. It is a paradox, then, that many of the same countries buy soy for agriculture in their own country, which definitely increases deforestation.

We have fruits from the Amazonian Rainforest in “the Amazon Secret“, but we use wild fruits when we can. If the fruits we use are not wild, we buy them from elsewhere in Brazil. Of course, we are against deforestation in the Amazon.

Norway’s largest beverage brand on Facebook – Amazon Secret

Friday the 13th may not be considered a lucky day, and the chocolate drink we were about to launch was messed up by mail, but the big jars of tasting on Amazon Secret quickly disappeared. Both children and adults loved the drinks and no one missed sugar. Some were a little skeptical when they thought it was artificial sweetening, but we explained that it wasn’t, and then skepticism disappeared. No one really missed the chocolate drink we were about to launch as well, but it joins Anuga!

Norway’s largest beverage brands on Facebook

Yes, the Amazon Secret is larger than Pepsi Max and Coca-Cola comparing the Norwegian Facebook pages. The Amazon Secret is among Norway’s 30 most popular brands on Facebook.

We bring something, not everything

Claudia Münch JustSweet can be used in chocolates, chocolate drinks, coffee drinks, fruit drinks, buns, pastries, jams, pretty much anything you can use sugar for. as with sugar. So far, Coca-Cola has also concluded. For the sake of demonstration, we bring chocolate with 90% from cocoa (cocoa powder and cocoa fat). The rest of the content is JustSweet and the world’s most exclusive coffee, Jacu Bird.


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