Ingredients – Dry and Natural
19. September 2017

Instant Coffee

From Brazil's largest coffee maker, we deliver instant coffee to customers in Norway and other countries.
TINE's popular ice coffee is made with Norwegian milk, and Café Pelé from sorze4. In case you don't know; TINE is Norway's largest dairy company, and the owner of the cheese named Jarlsberg (USA's most sold imported cheese)

Café Pelé, which has its name after the football player Pelé, was previously available in many Norwegian grocery stores. For many of these, Café Pelé was the best selling instant coffee in the store, but it is not always the case that customers decide. Not even when more than 50% of customers prefer one and the same trademark.

Today, the young generation in Norway prefers Café Pelé, rather than brands like Starbucks, Nescafé, Illy, etc., who have tried to compete with TINE's ice-cream using Café Pelé.

Every year, almost 300 tonnes of coffee beans are produced for the production of Norway's most popular ice coffee.

In addition to Norway, we have customers for instant coffee in Sweden, Switzerland, Greece, Turkey and Saudi Arabia.

High quality and competitive price is the reason we sell coffee to many countries outside Norway.