LUX Life-Food & Drink Awards

If nothing else, a little fun it is to be appointed to the “Best Grocery Product Import & Development Company – Northern Europe” by the English  magazine LUX-Life . All Norwegian supermarkets, retail stores, and convenience stores have products with ingredients from us, but we are perhaps more known outside the Norway, than in Norway.

In Brazil we negotiate with 3 major supermarket chains, and large food producers who only a year ago were “comfortable” with using artificial sweeteners such as aspartame, Acesulfam-K, and sucralose, but now there was a sudden stop in sales when consumers showed their power by Stop buying such products.

More south in Europe, we are now giving our offer to one of (if not) the largest grocery chains in the world. It about innovation, new products, and better quality and better prices for established products.

We could of course sell more in Norway, but for now we will limit our sales to selling some of our consumer products online.


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