Lose 18 kg in 3 months…

An MMA Champion and a Master of Science

From now until the title fight in February, the Venator Fighting Championship in Milan, Italy, our MMA Champion Tony Fox will lose 18 kg. We call him our champion as we are his main sponsor in 2020 and also after the New Year(read more here).

Where Tony’s going to find 18 kg we’re a little unsure, but we’re more sure how he’s going to go down. Of course with a sensible diet in combination with our JustSweet Premium.   

JustSweet was developed by our own Master of Science (overweight and eating disorders), Claudia Münch who perhaps knows most about eating disorders such as orthorexia in Norway. When it comes to making natural low-carb sugar substitutes that taste like sugar, we can guarantee that no one will do better. We believe Coca-Cola to agree with that, too.

If you’re going to do like Tony Fox, lose a lot of kilos, then it’s a good start to cut in sugar consumption and burn some of the fat reserves! 


Norwegian Fish oil – Popular

A lot of good products are made in Norway and it’s not like everyone gets into the grocery store. Sometimes it’s the chains, other times it’s the producers, like us, and like Norwegian Fish oil.

It is sometimes best to spend time in those markets that respond. Those who have focused not only on price but also on quality.

It’s not just Claudia Münch who thinks Norwegian Fish oil has the best oils. In any case, Tony Fox was very pleased with the products being put into use tomorrow.

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