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Our mission is clear: Becoming the best in what we do, without complicating it

Jan Yttereng


+47 994 54 313

Nobel Peace Prize leureate, 1988

MSc Claudia Renata Peres


+47 47 865 958

Masters Degree in Nutrition, Obesity, and Orthorexia.

Our experience and expertise

Since 2003, we have imported and developed products that are or have been sold in all Norwegian daily stores and for convenience.
In particular, we have good expertise in ingredients and natural products from South America.

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27. October 2018

Presidential elections in Brazil – Good election!

Tomorrow, 28th of October, it will be elected a new President in Brazil. Unpolitically, as we are, we asked a Brazilian confectioner to make a neutral […]
27. October 2018

New Website for The Amazon Secret

Nytt nettsted for våre naturlig sukkerfrie, funksjonelle amazonasdrikker, The Amazon Secret
2. October 2018

Artificial sweeteners have toxic effects on the intestine

Artificial sweeteners are considered harmful to the good bacteria that live in the intestine This is according to a new study published in the journal Molecules, […]
10. August 2018

Instant Chantilly Cream

With no Sugar and Skimmed Milk! It may sound like something that wouldn’t taste like Chantilly, but actually, it was approved as good as the Chantilly […]
22. July 2018

Honey Bourbon Natural – Minas Gerais

Thanks to our local knowledge and our contacts who travel around Minas Gerais to put “grades” on coffee beans, we know where to get this uniquely […]
22. July 2018

Maragogipe – Elephant beans

Scientific name: Coffea arabica L var. maragogipe A. Fern. Ex A. Frohner  A rarity in the coffee world Maragogipe is a type of arabic affair, also […]


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