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Sugar-free nut and chocolate spread and topping

Not in Norway yet, but it’s coming. First, this will be launched in supermarkets in Brazil, then Canada, then in the largest supermarkets in the Balkans and northern Italy, and then it comes to Norway. 

A bit like Nutella, tastes a little better, even though it has no added sugar. Similar products have often added more than 50% sugar, but we have the world’s best sugar substitute, JustSweet , so it’s used here. 

This was made by one of our customers in Brazil who will replace the sugar in all similar products by 2021. The authorities in Brazil have a slightly different approach to reducing sugar than Norway. In the past, they have used the same method to cut into other ingredients that are considered unhealthy.

It is similar with sugar: all food manufacturers that do not cut 40% of their sugar content get a tax on the products.

Alternatively, of course, the manufacturer could use more affordable sweeteners such as sucralose, or aspartame, but more and more consumers are shunning both artificial sweeteners, and sugar alcohols that are not suitable for such products. Children like nut and chocolate toppings and sugar alcohols are known to cause abdominal pain, which is due to the growth of the unfavorable gut bacteria that like polyols (sugar alcohols).

JustSweet is prebiotic and stimulates the growth of the good bacteria. I mean, this one’s a little better for the kids.

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