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Strawberry Ice Cream - No added sugar - sorze4 AS
Ice Cream – 50% Sugar reduced
20. October 2017
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26. November 2017
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Strawberry Ice Cream – No added sugar

Only JustSweet – Natural pre biotic sweetener


400ml whole milk
1 can / 200 ml condensed milk*
1 box / 200 ml of cream
1 sorze4’s strawberry powder- No sugar
600gr of strawberries fruit
1 ts of emulsifier
1 tbs of JustSweet

*Find our receipt for «Brazilian Coconut cake» and see how you can make condensed milk, without sugar.


Whisk ingredients in a blender, with half of the strawberries washed, cleaned, and dried on paper towel.
Put it in a freezer until frozen. Take it out and put it in a mixer. Run it until it is creamy and add the emulsifier. Continue with the blending until it’s creamy. Put it back into the freezer.

How to sweeten the Strawberries:
Put the berries in a pan and heat until it boil and the water comes out. Add 1 spoon of JustSweet, when the syrup is thick, turn off the heat and let it cool.


700 of total 700g of sugar was replaced.
A calorie reduction close to 2800 kcal.

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