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10. January 2018
Claudia R. P. Münch-Yttereng hos Coca-Cola Brasil
sorze4 at Coca-Cola Brazil
23. January 2018

sorze4 to the USA

Establishing in the US market from Trondheim may not be the easiest task, but today we have entered into an agreement with the company International Marketing Company (IMC) for our products like “The Amazon Secret”, Jijangyóu and products from our subsidiary JustSweet which will now be marketed in the United States by former CEO of ConAgra and vice president sales at a large beverage company.

We believe in a slightly different entry to the US market. One step at a time will help us achieve our goals and our vision.

As in most other countries: High consumption of sugar

As in many other countries, there is a high consumption of sugar in the United States. Consumers are looking for healthier food and beverages, and they focus in particular on sugar reduction. In fact, 60% of Americans are keen to reduce calories from sugar, but preferably not at the expense of the taste.

JustSweet tastes like sugar and has a low calorie content. It can replace sugar in most products without changing the taste.

IMC will focus on promoting our brand “The Amazon Secret”, low-calorie natural beverages and our sweetener JustSweet.

For the Amazon Secret we will go into the high end of the market, which means that the products will be 100% natural, with 100% natural sweetener. No preservatives.

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