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21. September 2017
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20. September 2017

醬油 - Jiàngyóu™ - Instant soy sauce

Nutrition Facts 1g soy

醬油 - Jiàngyóu™

For consumers and restaurants, a quality product like this will not only solve logistics and storage challenges, you can also mix the sauce as you like.

On sushi and also with grilled meat, you will find that powdered soy sauce, like a spice, gives a completely different flavor experience than you are used to.

Jiàngyóu Soy sauce does not contain wheat (which other soy sauce may contain) and is therefore gluten free. Suitable for those who have celiac disease.

This product contains less salt. Up to 65% less than any common soy sauce. Less salt is compensated with more soy.


Soy used in this product is not grown in the rainforest area. Cultivated in the state of Minas Gerais, well known to many Norwegians as the world's most famous coffee district.

The product is delivered in 1g and bulk, 25kg bags.

Available as Private label.