Café Pelé – Instant Coffee
20. September 2017

Dehydrated Ingredients

Not only fruit and berries - Water soluble dehydrated ingredients.

We have many ingredients in powder form. Both lyophilized and spray dried, but with the exception of coffee, we prefer that the ingredients are spray dried. Spray drying often involves the use of Maltodextrin, but in most cases we avoid this. It's dependent on the product.

Fruits & Berries

Most are fruits, but some are berries

Banana is of course a berry. Also Açai, but there are many fruits on this list.

Cashew, it will surely surprise someone, but Cashew is not only the nut we know from the supermarket. Cashew is also a fruit (which has a nut in one end).

Açaí is now known by many, but not so many know it is the only fruit / berry that has 7 vitamins. In addition to this, it is rich in Calcium. Açaí can be purchased with or without Omega. Natural, or filtered. The last is preferable because vegetable omega is not as omega from fish, vegetable omega is not like Marin omega, so it’s mainly only ruining the flavor. Filtered Açaí tastes really good.

Cupuaçu is an Amazonas fruit. Also called “pharmacy in a fruit”. Lots of vitamins and minerals in this fruit from the rainforest

Jaboticaba, also called “comida de Jaguar” (Jaguar food). A very special fruit rich in antioxidants and contains the substance Jaboticabin. It seems that Jaboticabin may have a good effect on cancer cells (We do not sell it as medicine).

Coconut water has become known as a refill drink, for those who are de-hydrated, but the taste may not be entirely after European palates. You can adjust the taste by mixing your own favorite blending it with some of the other fruit concentrates.

Lime and passion fruit are both tasty favorites. Good for those who want a soft drink or a mixed water.

Pitanga is also called “Brazilian Cherry”. Not sure why, but it may have to do with taste, color and the way it looks. Taste really well.

Urucum is vitamin rich and used as a war paint by the Indians in the rainforest. In addition to coloring the food. No typical drink, but suitable for putting red / orange color on food or drinking.

Use your imagination and serve something new!

Here is something for everyone, and for anyone who wants to make something special. All products are easily dissolved in water.

Other powdered ingredients

If it is liquid we can dry it

One of the few things you can not dry is water, because it does not contain solids and rocks, because they are solids. Otherwise, most things can be dried even though something may not have a purpose.

Not we, but others,  dries fish waste to make animal food, instead of throwing it away. We focus on what is called "food grade", food quality and do not currently work with pet and fish food.

It must have a purpose

Some products may be better when dried. It provides longer durability, less logistics challenges, makes it easier to use. There are many reasons.

Jiàngyóu (soy sauce) makes it easier for the person to cook food, and you will be able to control the salt level in a better way.