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Coffee Bean Guru - Cafés do Brasil

The best of coffee beans from Brazil - Green or roasted gourmet

From Brazil

30 %

of the World's coffee

Coffee plantations



Grown on


million acres




This year's selected coffee from Brazil

2018 Selection of Coffee beans

Single Origin – Not only from a place but from one and the same plantation!

Some of the coffee types we buy are so rare that there are only 300 bags. 70% of Brazil’s coffee plantations are less than 100 goals, limiting access to luxury coffee from selected plantations.

Most Colombian coffee growers live in small farms whose coffee cultivations plots do not surpass 2 hectares (5 acres) on average. Only slightly more than 5% of Colombian coffee producers have coffee plantations of a size bigger than 5 hectares (12 acres).

This year's selected coffee from Brazil

2018 Selection Brazil

This year's selected coffee from Colombia

2018 Selection Colombia
  • Antioquia Excel
  • Antioquia, grade 86.5 / 100
  • Huila, grade 86.75 / 100
  • Honey-process and Natural-process (flere varianter)
  • Pink Bourbon
  • Geisha 90 / 100

Most coffee variants from Colombia are grown around 1700 meters above sea level.