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14. May 2022
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The best of green coffee beans

From Brazil

30 %

of the World's coffee

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Specialty Single Estate, Single Origin and Commodity Coffees

Our 2020 Selection of Green Coffee Beans

Specialty Single Estate, Single Origin and Commodity Coffees

From the most exclusive you can find in the coffee world, to the more ordinary, but what we sell most of is specialty coffee with a score (SCA) of 82 to 86, but we do usually have coffee up to a 90 score in stock. From Jacu Bird and Gesha, to the type of coffee that is preferred for volume sales. Coffee for everything from Michelin restaurants, coffee shops and supermarkets.

We also specialize in smaller coffee bags, for health reasons, and because it is required by law (in Norway) that workers should not lift more than 25 kg. We are not quite there, because our customers want no less than 30 kg of coffee bags.

  • Brazilian coffee beans are sold in 30 and 60 kg jute bags.
  • Colombian coffee beans are sold in 35 and 70 kg jute bags.
  • High end coffees, Jacu Bird and Gesha are sold in smaller packaging.

Our main market is Norway, so we can’t always update our pricelist in foreign currencies. If you are looking for something special; high quality or low price, it would be best if you contact us

Price list specialty coffee

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