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Pão de Queijo | Brazilian cheesebread - sorze4 AS
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21. January 2021
Claudia Münch 2021
26. January 2021
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Pão de Queijo | Brazilian cheesebread

The recipe is finished. Only water is added, you form the bread and put it in the oven. Easy and simple.

With real cheese

Most such products contain little cheese and have a lot of artificial cheese aroma. We like it more like home baked, with the right ingredients. The way we try to do it with all our products. Maybe the real thing becomes a little more expensive, but in return it tastes better!

All Brazilian coffee shops must have Pão de Queijo

Espresso and cheese bread, it is one of the most popular trades in Brazilian coffee shops. In the supermarkets you will also find products like ours, where you can make them yourself, at home. The challenge, then, may be that many ingredients are not available in the bag, and when no real cheese is used, well then the result is so. Maybe OK if there’s nothing better, but now it does.

Production and packaging start in February

After only 4 days it looks like Mexico can become the destination for the first delivery, but this product we will also take to Norway. It will be put up for sale on our site


Like Clint Eastwood:   Hard on the outside and tenacious inside

If you don’t use real cheese, you’ll get a “cheese bread” that’s not tenacious inside, as they should be. It will just be soft. Pão de Quijo shall be hard on the outside and tenacious inside.

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