25. September 2022

Is JustSweet the Best Natural Sugar Alternative?

JustSweet; the best Natural Sugar Alternative? If you’re like most people, you probably reach for artificial sweeteners when you’re looking for a sugar alternative. But did […]
21. September 2022

sorze4 products registered on Trade Solution

Due to demand, we have chosen to register some of our products in the Trade Solutions database used by all grocery chains and wholesalers in Norway. […]
20. September 2022

Glazed almonds without sugar

We received a request from an industrial customer in Brazil if JustSweet could be used for glazed almonds, also called roasted almonds, or burnt almonds. It […]
8. September 2022

Coca-Cola with sucralose in regular Cola (Classic) in Brazil

Next year, Brazil will introduce a tax on all products whose producers do not reduce the sugar content. Apparently, Coca-Cola has found a strategy they thought […]
24. August 2022

Low-calorie sugar alternatives can negatively impact gut health

“It’s about more than just the number of calories in these ingredients,” ABC News Chief Medical Correspondent Dr. Jennifer Ashton said Monday on “Good Morning America,” […]
31. July 2022

We sponsor the MMA tournament Favela Kombat and Tony Fox

Unfortunately, it has become the case in Brazil that recruitment to football and other sports is almost absent. In any case, recruitment from the poor areas, […]
16. June 2022

We sponsor Favela Kombat on 23/24 July 2022

In the past, talent scouts visited the Brazilian favelas to look for talented athletes. There was often talented poor young people’s way out of poverty, but […]
21. May 2022

6 Reasons to Avoid Sucralose

Many people have been tricked into believing that artificial sweeteners with artificial sweeteners, such as sucralose, are the lifeline to prevent diabetes and obesity. However, the […]
16. April 2022

Sorze4 Brasil invites you to Naturaltech 2022

Naturaltech is Latin America’s largest natural products fair and is a major event for an industry that continues to show very strong growth. São Paulo – […]