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New vocalist for Claudia Münch chocolate drink - sorze4 AS
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19. October 2019
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30. December 2019
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New vocalist for Claudia Münch chocolate drink

Not so that we in any way were unhappy with the original singer, but someone said we had to have a woman to sing about Claudia Münch.

It is perhaps so that this sugar free drink stimulates many to reach high tones, so why not use a vocalist who can do it? Now is not the Jingle we use other than an advertising song, but it’s a little fun to have one that is a bit capable of going high to sing. The problem was that the music really was made for than man and we would have had to record everything again to lift it all.

At the same time we changed the vocals we did the end where we showed that we got the price:

Best Grocery Import & Development Company-Northern Europe “from the English MAGAZINE LUX Life.

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