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JustSweet in Kaufland Croatia - sorze4 AS
Meer Natuurlijk BV | A new sorze4 distributor
6. November 2020
Lose 18 kg in 3 months…
9. November 2020

JustSweet in portion packs seems to be a “hit”!

When this year’s main initiative that for us has been the distribution of green specialty coffee does not quite live up to expectations because people rather sit at home and settle for supermarket coffee for not getting infected by the virus, then it is especially nice that the most important thing one does now is to look towards the future. What customers want to buy when it’s all over… for that we think, that sooner or later it will be over, also for this virus.

JustSweet is available in the Balkans, but Kaufland will be first out with portion packs!

In a US survey, 61% said they wanted more natural sugar substitutes. The problem for many such is that they don’t always taste as good as they should, but JustSweet tastes like sugar and that’s probably why more and more people think JustSweet will be the product of the future.

Then we wish a merry merry Christmas to everyone in Croatia

 We produce everything going to Croatia, Slovenia, Singapore, Hong Kong and Malaysia in about 1 week. This pack, 200 mg serving packs will be manufactured in Brazil.



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