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Ice Cream - 50% Sugar reduced - sorze4 AS
JustSweet Raspberry jam
19. October 2017
Strawberry Ice Cream – No added sugar
21. October 2017

Servings: 12


1 piece vanilla bar
8 egg yolks
75g of sugar
3 g JustSweet
5 dl cream


Divide the vanilla pod in two, lengthwise, and scoop out the vanilla pod pieces.

Whip egg yolks, sugar and JustSweet into egg dough and add the vanilla seeds. Whisk the cream cream stiff and mix into egg dough.

Pour «cream» in a suitable form and put it in the freezer.

Stir in the ice occasionally during freezing, so that ice crystals do not form.

Serve vanilla ice cream naturally or add different flavors by adding Amazon Secret fruit powders, berries, JustSweet jams, or chocolate.

Do not throw the egg whites, for example they may be used for meringue or a white omelet.


75 of total 150g of sugar was replaced.
A calorie reduction close to 300 kcal.

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