Request samples of JustSweet™

If you represent a company in the food industry, and want to reduce or remove sugar completely from one or more of your products, you can apply for samples of JustSweet, for research and development purposes. If your "application" is acceptet, samples are free, but we may ask you to cover any freight charge related to shipment of the samples. The ideal is if you have a courier account, but if you don't, we will find a solution for this.

Before accepting a request for samples we will need some information from you. About you, your company, what type of products you make, and what products you think JustSweet is suitable for.


For what type of products do you need JustSweet?

Do you have a courier account for shipping of the samples?

If your answer in the previous question was yes; what company do you use for courier packages*?
(*If you are in Norway, or Brazil, you do not have to answer this question. Samples will be sent with regular mail.)

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