Yellow Catuaí
25. May 2019
Yellow Bourbon Natural (UTZ)
25. May 2019

Yellow Honey Moca

An extremely rare and exciting Brazilian specialty coffee


Yellow Bourbon Honey is so rare that we have to collect many micro-lots in Sul de Minas.


Sul de Minas, Minas Gerais, Brasil

Height above sea level:


Honey (natural variant where the berry sits longer on the bean) is the usual description of honey coffee, but for our variant it means sweeter, because the coffee berries, the honey beans, only can be picked the first time a bush carries fruit.
It is noticeably sweeter than Common Yellow Bourbon.

Variation (score)

Honey 10 - Peaberry (85+)

Sensory profile

Orange, nuts, chocolate. Medium high acid. High sweetness.

Om Yellow Bourbon

Natural cross between red Bourbon and yellow Botucatu

Variants of Bourbon xanthocarpa (yellow fruits) were first examined in 1930, but the origin is little known. It may have come from a mutation of red Bourbon, or it may have emerged as a product of the recombination of the natural crossing of red Bourbon and yellow Botucatu

Yellow Bourbon is tall and a a more rare type of coffee. Only 20% is processed as "honey", and this coffee is therefore "micro-lots" collected in Minas Gerais. The availability is very limited, and usually all such coffee goes to Japan, but this year we were the ones who got most of the crops.

Honey is a very special variant that you only get the first time (not always) you pick berries from a new shrub.

Moca as it is called in Brazil has other names like: peaberry, pearl coffee, etc.


This is a special premium coffee delivered in bags of 30 kg.

Minas Gerais

This coffee is purchased by our production department in the world's coffee capital, Varginha.


Because this type of coffee is very rare, we have had to collect beans from several micro-lots in the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais.

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