Is it possible to make a natural Sprite® with no sugar?
5. December 2017
Vanilla Panna Cotta – Without added sugar, with sour cream
11. December 2017

A Whipped-Chantilly Cream may be too sweet for some, but this extremely sweet and high on sugar calorie bomb must be popular since a recipe is posted on Jamie Oliver’s site.

Not counting the calories in the 200g cream, only the 100g sugar, the calorie meter will stop around 400 kcal. The cream will be 100g lighter, so you may want to add some cream if you need the volume, but replacing the sugar with 2-3g of JustSweet™ will give you the same sweetness and a calorie reduction of 395 kcal and it will taste as if it was sweetened with sugar!

The Jamie Oliver recipe is posted here:

Christmas is just around the corner. Let’s not feed Santa with too many calories!

During Christmas 2017, our chef made a Chantilly equivalent to Rich’s (at the request of Rich’s in Brazil). With 2 dl cream, 1 g JustSweet and a little extra fiber, you get a cream that tastes better and has better consistency than regular cream made from cream.

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