We sponsor Favela Kombat on 23/24 July 2022
16. June 2022
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We sponsor the MMA tournament Favela Kombat and Tony Fox

Unfortunately, it has become the case in Brazil that recruitment to football and other sports is almost absent. In any case, recruitment from the poor areas, the favelas, where poor young people have had sports and sports as a way out of poverty.

High crime has made it risky for talent scouts to enter the favelas to find talented youngsters. That’s why some enthusiasts have staged an MMA tournament called Favela Kombat where talent from the favelas gets to show off and world-renowned athletes are the drawcards that bring in the audience and create interest.

sorze4 AS sponsors Favela Kombat and Tony Fox

Tony Fox as sorze4 has sponsored since 2020, through COVID quarantines that stopped a lot of sporting activities, also MMA was “our man” in the tournament Favela Kombat. More than 6 million viewers, most of them in Brazil, saw Tony meet UFC athlete José Aldo who is considered one of the greatest MMA athletes of all time and as the greatest featherweight ever.

Athletes of the sport MMA are, of course, dietary conscious and it requires their own to keep the weight class. With JustSweet, Tony has been able to keep his weight more easily and he has long recommended our products.

Sustainable Energy

.. JustFiber our fiber product, and JustSweet where 90% of its content is JustFiber, a natural prebiotic fiber that makes the energy more persistent than if consumed energy drinks and sugars. In a sport like MMA, it’s important to have the energy until it’s over and in this fight it was over for UFC athlete José Aldo.

We congratulate Tony on winning the title belt!

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