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21. May 2022
We sponsor the MMA tournament Favela Kombat and Tony Fox
31. July 2022
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We sponsor Favela Kombat on 23/24 July 2022

In the past, talent scouts visited the Brazilian favelas to look for talented athletes. There was often talented poor young people’s way out of poverty, but now the problem of violence and crime in poor areas has become so serious that it does not happen today.

The result, then, is that Brazil does not bring out its most talented footballers, and MMA which is Brazil’s most popular sport after football has the same problem. Therefore, some have taken the initiative to bring the talents out of the favelas (which are poor areas of Rio de Janeiro) so that they can participate in the tournament Favela Kombat which will be watched by more than 6 million viewers. On TV and streamed over the web.

Tony Iron Fox invited us to be a sponsor.

We sponsored Tony Fox in 2020, but Covid caused some problems, but the MMA champion was established enough to be one of the choices in EA Sports MMA.

Now in June 2022, he asked if we wanted to become sponsors of Favela Kombat in Rio de Janeiro, 23/24 July. Perhaps no major sport in our homeland Norway, but more than 6 million viewers will be able to see our JustSweet logo on the floor.

We hand out 2,000+ samples of JustSweet in the arena

There are many sugar substitutes, but none like JustSweet. Tastes like sugar, but it’s not. Some of the world’s largest beverage manufacturers, and some of the world’s largest producers of ice cream is testing out, or have already ordered JustSweet, or our sugar-free ice cream base sweetened with JustSweet. 

Sugar is on its way out in Brazil, but the alternatives may not be quite what they should be. Synthetic does not taste like sugar and is not always good for the health. JustSweet is natural and tastes like sugar. Can be used for baking, drinks, and ice cream. Pretty much everything where you use sugar.

Now we get to show everyone who comes to the battlefield that one can win the fight against sugar and problems related to high sugar intake.

Then we wish all participants in Favela Kombat good luck. May the best men and women win.

MMA is big in Brazil and the matches will be shown on many channels that also stream on the internet. A page where you will find more information is (Globo is Brazil’s largest TV channel).

We will post more links here. If you don’t know Portuguese, Google Chrome can translate the pages.

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