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We now pack doypaks, sticks and sachets in Norway

We have it for practical reasons and due. Covid-related travel restrictions have transferred most of our production from Brazil to Trondheim so that we can have better control over production.

100,000 sachets a day

There are definitely faster machines with much greater capacity than the ones we buy to pack our own product, JustSweet, Amazon Secret, and other products in individual packages, but the accuracy is not very equal and it is rare to find someone who can package with milligrams. Usually (in others) it goes in grams per package and the variation is usually +/- 0.3 g (30%). Our deviation can be +0.02 g.

Sugar, salt and pepper are not something we pack, but you have other ingredients you want to pack. Ingredients that are not considered allergens, so you are welcome to contact us.

We also pack doypaks

It depends a little on what it is and the size of the bags, but with 100g of powder in the bag we can pack up to 10,000 doypaks in one day. If desired, we fill the bag with nitrogen so that the product has a longer shelf life.

We can also pack other things like gelatine capsules with omega oils, pills, coffee beans, but in these products we have a more limited capacity. About. 3,000 doypaks per day.

We also pack waffles and other baked goods, such as pizza and the famous Brazilian cheese bread, Pão de Queijo, with our packaging machines in Brazil.

With us you should not pack hundreds of thousands or thousands of doypaks. When we have capacity, we can also take up less volume. If you don’t have your own doypak, we can print them. We shouldn’t have very large volumes on this either, but for economic reasons you should print at least 1000. Not all of them should be filled in the same day. We can put some in stock or ship surplus production to the customer.


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