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6. December 2017
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13. December 2017
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Vanilla Panna Cotta – Without added sugar, with sour cream

Deliziosa panna cotta alla vaniglia con panna acida e senza zucchero

Italian dessert classic with fresh berries to. Leave it cold for at least four hours before your guests arrive, to achieve the best consistency.

7-8 portions


8 dl cream
5 tbs sour cream
1 ts JustSweet
2 sticks of vanilla
4 plates of gelatin

How to do it:

  • Place the gelatin plates in cold water for five minutes. Rinse well and squeeze out the water.
  • Cut the vanilla sticks in the middle and scrape the seeds.
  • Gently cook the cream together with JustSweet, vanilla sticks and vanilla seeds. Remove the vanilla sticks and stir in the gelatin.
  • Pour the mixture into small glasses. Cool for at least four hours before serving.

With JustSweet you cut down approx. 225g sugar – 880 kcal


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