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13. October 2019
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18. October 2019
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UTZ and Micro-lots from Carmo de Minas

We have got the samples to stock and in this week we will cuppe several types of beans, mainly from Carmo de Minas and Serra da Mantiqueira. What we pick out we fill in the container and send to Norway as soon as it is ready. Here, there are many rarities.

Yellow Dwarf Bourbon 

The size doesn’t mean everything. Not when it comes to flavors and aroma. We haven’t roasted it yet, but the green little beans grown in the Mantiqueira Mountains (1100-1300 m) have a promising fragrance. Presumably this is one of the most rare types of Brazilian coffee that has been brought in to Norway. Should the description have full body, moderate sweetness, medium to high acidity, something you can not always find in Brazil.

This is a micro-lot with only 44 x 60 kg sacks. Maybe you’re the one who secures this lot?

Micro-Lot from Carmo de Minas

Carmo de Minas is known to have some of the best and most exclusive coffee from Brazil. Then of course with the exception of Jacu Bird

Although it is not as rare as JACU, we have this micro-castle with 24 x 60 kg peaberries. 

UTZ from Carmo de Minas

 A little bigger is the castle ‘ one with Yellow Bourbon Natural UTZ certified Coffee but only 150 x 60 kg sacks. Keeping that expectation might be this our bestseller in the New Year.


Last but not least. We didn’t get all of Semiwashed Ruby Into the container that “lands” in Trondheim in 2 weeks. In addition to the 168 bags of 30 kg, the bags that come now, we have 42 x 60 kg left in stock in Brazil. 


If you wish to try, we can’t send to everyone. We must of course prioritize existing customers, in front of new customers, but we will do as best we can so that everyone can be satisfied. Feel free to use Our Contact Form If you want to taste some of this.


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