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24. September 2019
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11. October 2019
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The Red Ruby is this year’s Christmas coffee from sorze4

Less than 60 years ago, in 1957, the author Agnar Mykles’s work “The Song of the Red Ruby” was banned in the Supreme Court. Today, “the ruby” is read as a beautiful tale of a young man’s search for love and perhaps that fit well for this coffee and the name? The Coffee bean Red Ruby is a “rare bird” in the coffee world. Almost as rare as Agnar Mykles book in the book stores in 1957.

Semi-washing and natural fermentation gives this coffee bean a particularly sweet taste with notes of chocolate. An exciting coffee that will take good care of the good and happy sweets. Or perhaps as a dessert coffee, for this coffee stands well alone.

Very limited “edition”

 Some may have noted that we now have posted the name of the Fazenda where this coffee was cultivated. We did it now, because we bought all the coffee this farmer had of this coffee type. It is thus a single estate coffee. It comes 5-tons now and we have 2.8-tons that are scheduled to be shipped with a later container, if we don’t sell the party to the US.

We have some samples left in stock in Trondheim. We send out on request, as long as we have try again.

When coffee comes in, it gets a little more expensive

I Price List You will today and until the last week before your arrival see our offer price, last week before arrival, we are considering using regular kalkyles on these coffee beans. A combination of rare and single estate may not be a starting point for the people who are looking for cheap coffee, so a little higher price must probably be those who are late to attend. That time that grief. Pre-order you get the price listed in the price list.

It might be a little early, but the Christmas marzipan will come in the Norwegian stores very soon, so we can probably say Merry Christmas already?

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