22. April 2023

What does Bing AI say about sugar, artificial sweetener, and JustSweet?

Sugar is one of the most commonly used ingredients in foods and drinks, but it also has many negative consequences for health. Sugar can contribute to […]
23. March 2023

Rumors say that apple sugar is a good sugar substitute

The fact that apple sugar is a good sugar substitute, especially for those who have to control blood sugar, is definitely 100% wrong. Sugar is usually […]
11. March 2023

New labelling rules for sugar and fat in Brazil

It is now a year since we had our workshop for around 100 people from 40 food manufacturers in Porto Alegre. Topics at that time were […]
26. January 2023

Does Sugar Affect gut Bacteria Diversity?

How can Excessive use of Sugar Effect the Gut Microbiome? Sugar is a good energy source but can cause several health problems. Excessive consumption of sugar […]
26. January 2023

Does Sugar and Sweeteners Cause Environmental Problems?

Environmental problems by sugar production and artificial sweeteners Sugar production and the use of artificial sweeteners are both integral parts of our food system, but they […]
13. January 2020

Shifting away from Sugar

A CLOSER LOOK AT THE TREND Sweetness is a much-loved part of the eating and drinking experience. But many consumers want to cut back on sugar […]
12. October 2019

Which is the healthiest?

Amazon Secret, Fruity ‘ n Sweet, Juice or soda? We are sometimes asked what the difference is, on our drinks and fruit juices. Our drinks are […]


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