24. April 2023

Do manufacturers have an ethical co-responsibility for potential harm to consumers?

Artificial sweeteners are widely used in the food industry as a way to reduce calories and sugar content in various products, such as soft drinks, desserts, […]
24. April 2023

Who should not eat artificial sweetener?

Artificial sweetening is a collective term for substances that give a sweet taste without adding calories. There are many types of artificial sweeteners, such as aspartame, […]
22. April 2023

What does Bing AI say about sugar, artificial sweetener, and JustSweet?

Sugar is one of the most commonly used ingredients in foods and drinks, but it also has many negative consequences for health. Sugar can contribute to […]
26. January 2023

Does Sugar and Sweeteners Cause Environmental Problems?

Environmental problems by sugar production and artificial sweeteners Sugar production and the use of artificial sweeteners are both integral parts of our food system, but they […]
22. November 2022

Artificial Sweeteners Increase the Risk of Cancer

Risk factors such as processed food, sugary drinks, obesity, diabetes 2, alcohol consumption, sedentary and less activity have increased since 1950, and researchers’ opinion is that […]
9. November 2022

Why you should avoid soft drinks, dairy products with artificial sweeteners?

Why you should avoid all products with artificial sweeteners? Unleashing the Hazards of Artificial Sweeteners Soft drinks fall under the category of non-alcoholic beverages, consisting of […]
25. September 2022

Is JustSweet the Best Natural Sugar Alternative?

JustSweet; the best Natural Sugar Alternative? If you’re like most people, you probably reach for artificial sweeteners when you’re looking for a sugar alternative. But did […]
8. September 2022

Coca-Cola with sucralose in regular Cola (Classic) in Brazil

Next year, Brazil will introduce a tax on all products whose producers do not reduce the sugar content. Apparently, Coca-Cola has found a strategy they thought […]
24. August 2022

Low-calorie sugar alternatives can negatively impact gut health

“It’s about more than just the number of calories in these ingredients,” ABC News Chief Medical Correspondent Dr. Jennifer Ashton said Monday on “Good Morning America,” […]


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