1. June 2023

How will the new EU deforestation legislation affect you?

The latest legislation in the EU will oblige coffee importers and coffee producers (and a number of other importers and producers) in Norway to prove that […]
6. March 2021

Our Cup of Excellence auction has started

Cup of Excellence: The auction has started. Location says something, but so does the auction price and that coffee was not bought by the Japanese also […]
27. September 2019

The Red Ruby is this year’s Christmas coffee from sorze4

Less than 60 years ago, in 1957, the author Agnar Mykles’s work “The Song of the Red Ruby” was banned in the Supreme Court. Today, “the […]
13. June 2019

We’re on the wall …

Varginha in the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais is considered the world’s coffee capital. This is where we get a lot of the coffee we import […]
25. May 2019

Brasiliansk Honey Coffee

Few, or none, have found better coffee than this in Brazil. Usually everything goes to Japan, but this year (2018/2019) everything went to Trondheim! To us!25
25. May 2019

Brazilian Honey Peaberry

Something more rare than our Brazilian honey coffee is hard to find, as this type of berry is only harvested the first time a coffee shrub […]


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