18. December 2020

Cup of Excellence 2020 | Fazenda Santa Izabel Brazil

The Santa Izabel farm is located in the south of Minas Gerais and has always been recognized for the high quality of the coffee. Since the […]
23. April 2020

Surge in Coffee Prices

Consumer demand for packaged coffee rose in March. Weekly sales of the beverage in the United States increased as much as 73% from 2019, according to […]
25. May 2019

Peaberry – Moca

When did you last see 100% Peaberry from Brazil? We have the pleasure of presenting a rarity, for coffee roasteries in Norway, which will now be […]
25. May 2019

Mundo Novo 19

Mundo Novo is the result of a natural blend of Bourbon and Typica varieties found in Mineiros do Tiete, São Paulo, Brazil.
25. May 2019

Brasiliansk Honey Coffee

Few, or none, have found better coffee than this in Brazil. Usually everything goes to Japan, but this year (2018/2019) everything went to Trondheim! To us!25
25. May 2019

Carmo de Minas

In Europe, green coffee like this goes for 12+ Euro kilo. We buy directly from the plantations and therefore have a much better price.
25. May 2019

Yellow Bourbon Semi-Washed (UTZ)

UTZ certified and certified by sorze4, after visit in March 2019. This coffee is semi-washed without use of water, therefore more environmentally friendly than other washed […]
25. May 2019

Yellow Bourbon Natural (UTZ)

UTZ certified and certified by sorze4, after visit at the fazenda in March 2019. From May until the next crop is ready this will be one […]
25. May 2019

Yellow Catuaí

A Yellow Catuaí from São Sebastão do Paraiso, Minas Gerais, Brasil.