11. March 2023

New labelling rules for sugar and fat in Brazil

It is now a year since we had our workshop for around 100 people from 40 food manufacturers in Porto Alegre. Topics at that time were […]
25. November 2022

Less coffee next year – Coffee prices expected to go up

SAO PAULO/NEW YORK — Brazilian coffee farmers and experts have lowered expectations for next year’s crop in the world’s largest coffee-producing country after a largely negative […]
23. November 2022

We are taking a break in our trade with Brazil

It will not only be we who import coffee from Brazil and export Norwegian products there that will feel the consequences that have arisen after the […]
18. December 2020

Cup of Excellence 2020 | Fazenda Santa Izabel Brazil

The Santa Izabel farm is located in the south of Minas Gerais and has always been recognized for the high quality of the coffee. Since the […]
16. July 2020

sorze4 AS in Rio de Janeiro

With increasing activity in Brazil, we have seen ourselves having an office address in Rio de Janeiro, as well as production in Varginha, Minas Gerais. In […]
5. March 2020

Coffee safari in July 2020

On Friday morning we travel to Brazil to plan this year’s coffee safari where we take customers and others invited to tour Brazil. We stop at […]
13. June 2019

We’re on the wall …

Varginha in the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais is considered the world’s coffee capital. This is where we get a lot of the coffee we import […]
23. January 2018

sorze4 at Coca-Cola Brazil

We are happy to make recipes for sugar-free products, with JustSweet, which tastes like the original with sugar! It should have been a small informal meeting […]
26. November 2017

In Brazil from 29.11 to 17.12 (2017)

Our CSCO (sorze4) and CEO of JustSweet will be in Brazil for 2 weeks+, from the end of this month. If you are in Rio de […]
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