14. April 2022

Why Aspartame and Acesulfame-K Cause Cancer

A controversial topic, but a new report concludes that Aspartame and Acesulfame-K can cause cancer due to the carbon isotope 13C. On April 4, 2022, researchers […]
8. March 2022

The use of artificial sweeteners in dietary baked goods is banned by the EU

EU Commission Regulation 2018/97 , published on January 23, 2018, in Official Journal L 17, bans the use of artificial sweeteners in fine bakery products aimed […]
10. January 2022

Published on Academia.edu

It is not what we usually do, to publish research reports, but our article on how artificial sweeteners affect nature is one of our most visited […]
25. May 2018

Artificial sweeteners – An ignored environmental threat?

Authors: MSc Claudia R.P. Münch-Yttereng a and Engineer Jan Ytterengb, a Master of Science Nutrition, obesity and eating disorders, Chief Research Officer sorze4 AS and JustSweet […]