9. November 2020

Lose 18 kg in 3 months…

An MMA Champion and a Master of Science From now until the title fight in February, the Venator Fighting Championship in Milan, Italy, our MMA Champion […]
26. June 2020

Juliana Siruffo presenting products in Brazil

With the exception of the three smallest Brazilian states, Acre, Roraima and Amapá, our products will be found in 7 Brazilian supermarket chains, 1,450 stores, at […]
30. May 2020

Starting in August, our products will be distributed in Brazil

You will not find many Norwegian products in Brazil, except for what is called “bacalau norueguês”. What we in Norway call clipfish. Except for that, very […]
29. January 2020

We’re on Social Media

By far, Amazon Secret is Norway’s largest beverage brand on Facebook® If you were to guess, maybe you would say Coca-Cola, or Pepsi? Then you would be […]
24. September 2019

Amazon Secret Desktop Screen background

Sometimes we want to have a new screen background, or a new log-in screen (Windows). Then we use images that remind us that we have many […]
14. September 2019

sorze4 – Anuga

Sugar-Free is what the consumer want! Our pre-launch of our sugar-free products in Trondheim Friday 13 September proves that reducing sugar intake is something many are […]
13. June 2019

We’re on the wall …

Varginha in the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais is considered the world’s coffee capital. This is where we get a lot of the coffee we import […]
27. October 2018

New Website for The Amazon Secret

Nytt nettsted for våre naturlig sukkerfrie, funksjonelle amazonasdrikker, The Amazon Secret
27. January 2018

World’s first Prebiotic Popsicle(?) made from Amazon Secret

The new Amazon Secret’s in powder is more than a beverage. The 100% juice powder, with no sugar added, only with JustSweet as sweetener, can be […]