Sugar-free syrup with natural sweetener
11. November 2021
Published on
10. January 2022


Energy is a simple term with complex meanings. Cells constantly perform thousands of metabolic reactions necessary to keep the cells and body as a whole alive and healthy. In the body, some of these metabolic reactions need energy and release energy. The food you eat is the source of the energy used by your cells.

Thanks to its special metabolism, the fiber we sell and use in our sweetener, Claudia Münch® JustSweet shows the   advantage of producing slow and sustained energy release. Such fiber is a consistent source of healthy energy to nourish body functions. This versatile ingredient helps solve two challenges: lack of dietary fiber, and to provide a more sustained release of healthy and metabolic energy so that one can meet the need for energy.

Our prebiotic fiber differs from most of what is called dietary fiber. It’s not like e.g. Inulin that may cause abdominal pain. Large daily doses are also not required, although up to 45 g can be consumed by most people. As little as 1 gram every day will give positive results over time. 1 g every day for 4 weeks will normally give 6 times more of the good gut bacteria, which is believed to be good for the immune system, and acts positively for those struggling with high blood sugar.


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