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Sugar-free syrup with natural sweetener

They are finished and taste fantastic, but we are not quite sure if the market is in Norway, so we are considering whether to launch here, or only in other countries.

  • No artificial sweeteners
  • Natural colors
  • Low content of polyols

In such products, you get a better result if you use some polyols. Maltitol, erythritol, or similar. Although we usually steer clear of polyols because much of it can cause stomach and intestinal gas, we chose to use a little, but most of the sweetness, of course, comes from our own natural sweetener, JustSweet.

For use on ice cream, waffles, chocolate drinks, and coffee drinks. The product is heat resistant and does not lose its sweetness when heated.

Distributed in Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, and Italy by Univerzal Commerce Ljubljana d.o.o.

All but the Strawberry flavored syrup is vegan.

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