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Sugar-free Sorbet, ice cream and milkshake

No Added sugar!

Many have tried to make an ice cream without added sugar, but few have succeeded completely. It is easy to make the wrong choice when more and more consumers are shying away from artificial sweeteners and many are not tolerant when it comes to alternative sugar substitutes such as maltitol, and other polyols. Powerful stomach-churning, which many people can get, it may not be something that increases sales for ice cream producers?

At the request of ice cream makers’ associations in Brazil, we developed an ice cream base without added sugar, with minimal polyols so that everyone will be able to eat the ice cream. It was necessary to use Some sugar alcohols to get a good structure.

A base for all types of ice creams

Sorbet, ice cream, soft ice cream, milkshake. Our base can be used in all these products. Some believe that the product will be so good that they can cut out most of the ice cream with sugar. Especially it applies to soft ice cream and milkshakes.

In Norway, we will choose a partner in 2022 and 2023

We have a little less staffing and a little more to do in Norway, so unfortunately we won’t be able to serve all stakeholders. We want to pick one because we don’t have enough time at our disposal. We have demand from several countries further south in Europe and must therefore say no to someone.

Workshop in Porto Alegre, Brazil – March 25th, 2022

One of the ice cream makers’ associations in Brazil has asked us to hold a workshop for the members. There they will learn how to make ice cream without sugar, and get a review of the new product brand rules in Brazil. A regulatory framework that will come into force in November 2022 as a scroll. requires products to be labelled with the amount of sugar added, in addition to the product’s natural sugar content.

The theme is Artificial Sweetener, an Invisible Pollution

A lot about how artificial synthetic sweeteners pollute nature, but also a lot about sugar-free ice cream and new labelling rules for sugar…

Workshop will be in Portuguese. Sign up for





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