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24. June 2021
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Sugar-free Ice Cream Base – Make Your Own Ice Cream

Ice without sugar may not be the easiest thing to make, whether you have an ice cream factory or want a homemade ice cream. Many have their own ice machines and a regular ice cream usually goes smoothly, but the challenge for some is to make an ice cream without sugar.

At the request of Brazilian ice producers, Claudia Münch Produtos Funcionais Ltda., our Brazilian sub-company, has exhausted an ice cream base based on the criteria given:

Without artificial sweetener such as apartam, acesulfame K and sucralose

Not only in Brazil, but also in many other countries, our customers say that their customers stop buying light products containing artificial sweetener. It’s a trend, but in Norway maybe you’re lagging behind a little bit?

Low polyol content.

Sugar alcohols, or polyols as they are also called, are the common sweetener in many products, but because these can give stomach pinch it is not an ideal sweetener. Because these are less sweet than sugar, you have to use a lot and then the problems arise with intestinal gas and other reactions.

Our ice cream base is sweetened with JustSweet, our own sweetener that tastes like sugar, and has a very small amount of maltitol (a polyol), not for the taste, but for the consistency. The amount is so small that we don’t think anyone will be able to react to it, even if they eat a lot of the sugar-free* ice cream one can make with this base.

*Regular milk contains sugars. Cream contains less

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