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17. March 2020
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23. April 2020
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#STAYHOME, but 12th of June we are in Megamarket Interspar

If you live in Norway you may still need to use our online store if you are going on a low-carb diet, or try to lose weight by cutting in calories.

In the midst of the corona quarantine, distribution to Megamarket Interspar is confirmed

 Unfortunately, it looks as if Norwegian chains may have some quarantine for new Norwegian suppliers all year round, but some may need to show innovation and offer something the market is asking for. If not, it may happen that many consumers will go back to old habits and shop in Sweden. When the quarantine is over, many of us may need to lose a few kg, and what is better than our low-calorie products?

Claudia Münch JustSweet is prebiotic, which is demonstrable positive for those who want a good bacterial flora in the intestine. It helps and strengthens the immune system according to research (not ours), but primarily this product is made for those who want a natural low-calorie sugar substitute.

  • 25-50 times sweeter than sugar
  • Low-carb
  • Low-calorie
  • Can be used where you use sugar
  • For baking
  • For jam
  • For ice cream
  • For iced coffee
  • Everywhere you use sugar…

 Slovenia, Croatia, Italy, etc.

Spar, Interspar is one of the world’s largest grocery chains. Also available in Norway (Spar), but currently we have no agreement on delivery to Norwegian stores. We will mainly produce and distribute to stores in the region of Slovenia and surrounding countries. Our distributor is UNIVERZAL COMMERCE, Ljubljana, d.o.o which also distributes all other of the products we offer.


JustSweet can be found in our online store



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