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20. September 2022
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sorze4 products registered on Trade Solution

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Due to demand, we have chosen to register some of our products in the Trade Solutions database used by all grocery chains and wholesalers in Norway. For the time being, we will only register those of our products that are manufactured and packaged in Norway. Eventually, we will consider whether the largest Norwegian beverage brand on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram), The Amazon Secret. The Amazon Secret is now available as a sugar-free concentrate sweetened with our natural low-calorie sweetener JustSweet , which is used by an increasing number of food manufacturers in America. Information about JustSweet can be found on the Facebook page Claudia Münch. Claudia Münch is also available for our Brazilian customers who have access to several of our products. Browse. our sugar-free ice base and several other products.

JustSweet and JustFiber on Trade Solution

JustSweet Premium, 100 g
(For baking and sweetening – Follow the link for more information)

SORZE4 AS  Product Owner
  6122832 EPDNr
26001  Internal item number
  7090053260011 Basis
  17090053260018 Top

JustSweet Premium, 50 pcs. stick packs
(For coffee and tea – Follow the link for more information)

SORZE4 AS  Product Owner
  6124994 EPDNr
26002  Internal item number
  7090053260028 Basis
  17090053260025 Top

 JustFiber Soluble prebiotic dietary fiber, 150 g
(Prebiotic dietary fiber – Follow the link for more information)

SORZE4 AS  Product Owner
  6123756 EPDNr
26022  Internal item number
  7090053260226 Basis
  17090053260223 Top

If you have any questions about the products, please feel free to contact us . These products are produced continuously for export and are usually always available in Norway.

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