sorze4 to the USA
11. January 2018
The World's first Picole, Popsicle, 100% natural, made from Amazon Secrets and JustSweet (sugar free)
World’s first Prebiotic Popsicle(?) made from Amazon Secret
27. January 2018
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sorze4 at Coca-Cola Brazil

Mrs. Claudia R. P. Münch-Yttereng (sorze4 AS), and Mr. Almir Vargas at Coca-Cola Brasil

We are happy to make recipes for sugar-free products, with JustSweet, which tastes like the original with sugar!

It should have been a small informal meeting where the purpose was to map the road, to see if it could be of interest to Coca-Cola to use JustSweet in juices and sodas. A little surprising when it was tenths of people in the meeting room. Some came all the way from Atlanta, USA. Fortunately, we have skilled employees, such as Claudia, sorze4’s CSCO and CEO at JustSweet AS (Inc). Our product developer with a master’s degree in nutrition, with a master’s thesis on obesity and eating disorders.

Low-calorie sweetening, a substitute for sugar is something researched all around the world.

Also in the big soft-drinks manufacturing companies, such as Coca-Cola and Pepsi, intense research is taking place in this field. It’s a “battle”.

The question is what a small company like ours can do for a huge international company like Coca-Cola? What we can, is to make a soda that tastes like their own but without sugar (with JustSweet).


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