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10. January 2022
No Artificial Sweeteners allowed
The use of artificial sweeteners in dietary baked goods is banned by the EU
8. March 2022
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Sorbet and ice cream without added sugar

 Pitaya sorbet without milk and vanilla ice cream (with milk), both without the added sugar! This is how it looks.

Ice without added sugar presents many challenges!

When you take out sugar, the structure will change and the problem then is that ice cream and sorbet will be too hard. This compensates many with a lot of polyols, sugar alcohols such as Maltitol, but it leads to new problems. Digestive problems of the consumer. Customer. Many are sensitive to sugar alcohols, so it is also not a good solution. The problem with many sugar alcohols is that they are not as sweet as sugar, so one has to spend a lot and it reinforces the problem.

With JustSweet it is possible to avoid these problems and our natural sweetener has therefore become a favorite of many Brazilian food companies. Not only ice cream makers but also those who make syrups, pastries, chocolate toppings, and much more.

The image above shows what an ice cream maker in southern Brazil made yesterday.

Seminar for ice cream producers in Brazil

The interest is so great that the association of ice cream producers in southern Brazil has asked us to hold a workshop to teach how best to make sugar-free ice cream. Should you have an interest in participating, there is an open free Workshop, for all food producers interested. Primarily ice cream makers, but the organizer (who is not us) will surely let others in if there is space!

The theme is Artificial Sweetener, an Invisible Pollution

A lot about how artificial synthetic sweeteners pollute nature, but also a lot about ice…

Workshop will be in Portuguese. Registration at




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