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4. August 2020
Claudia Münch JustSweet in Europe
27. September 2020
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Recommended by Tony Fox, MMA Champion

It is no the smartest to use Norwegian ski stars in advertising campaigns when the market is not in Norway. Marit Bjørgen seems to be a nice Norwegian woman, but in countries where we have our main market today, such as Brazil, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, the Balkans, Italy, and the eastern kingdom, in most of these a ski star would be a consumer not having a relationship with.

Tony Fox, MMA Champion

With many master belts, Tony Fox that you browse finds in the MMA game from the EEA is a better frontman for our products. Not only JustSweet, but also all our other products sold in Brazil. Products like Amazon Secret that now came in an energy drink version, specially made for Tony Fox.

“Knock-out” on the competitors

Not physically, but many believe Claudia Münch JustSweet is the best sweetener on the market. It’s not just Tony Fox who thinks so. If you doubt, you almost have to try it yourself. Should you be dissatisfied, of course you can complain and get your money back*, so that we have the opportunity to get even better, but so far we have never received complaints.

It tastes like sugar, but it’s not!

It can be hard to feel the difference and then it’s probably close enough. Some people are actually guessing that JustSweet is the sugar and it may not be so strange, because the taste is very, very similar.



If you reside in Brazil, go to our page with links to Brazil’s largest online stores.

*Applies to 1 opened bag first purchase if bought on Unopened bags can also be returned and the purchase price refunded (first purchase). 

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