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Clearly Canola-400 ml

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NON-STICK Cooking Spray

Canola is a healthier non-stick cooking spray without added fillers or chemicals with high smoke points. Because it is not added water as other sprays may have, you will avoid oil from the frying pan going all over in the kitchen.

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Enjoy the quality and flavor of Clearly Canola cooking spray while frying, and grilling. Completely free of butter, margarine and grease.

With Clearly Canola, you avoid food sticking to the frying pan and baking pan.

This oil was developed by Canada’s largest waffle mix distributor (Malted) for the Canadian, and North American Foodservice.   is ideal for use on: waffle irons, frying pans, microwaves, grill, utensils, baking pan, and other kitchen utensils.

Note that this product unlike most of the “similar” product that exists on the market. It does not contain water and has no allergens, as other products in the market may have.

Clearly Canola has an ozone and more environmentally friendly fuel gas (hydrocarbon).

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