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Claudia Münch Chantilly Base

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Claudia Münch Chantilly Base-75 g

(for 1 liter of finished cream)

Kr. 4,90/100 ML
Low on energy (calories). With a high content of prebiotic dietary fibers. Is sweetened with natural sweetness.

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Claudia Münch Chantilly is a low-calorie whipped cream base, a product that after preparation will produce a whipped cream from all kinds of milk. This product contains dietary fibers, and is sweetened with Claudia Münch JustSweet™ (natural sweetener), emulsifiers, cream aroma, modified cartridge formation and silicon dioxide. Content of water soluble dietary fibers in the final product will be 12.

Preparation: Fill 375-400 ml of cold milk (8 to 12 ° C) in mixer bowl, or other suitable bowl. Turn on the mixer and add 75 g of whipped cream base and run first with slow speed in 1
About. Minute. Then increase to a fast speed in 4-5 minutes until you reach the desired consistency. Approximate 1000 ml of cream.


The product does NOT contain GLUTEN.

Store in a dry, ventilated and sun-protected place. Must be stored, or transport with chemicals or other products with strong odor. Prepared cream is stable at room temperature. “Does not melt” as usual cream, but store the cream in a suitable bowl, in a refrigerator or in a cool place when not to be served.

Contains 75g (powder)-enough for approx. 1 liter of finished cream
INGREDIENTS: Water-soluble fibers, modified Cassava-starch, natural sweetener: E 960 (JUSTSWEET with Steviol Glycosides), emulsifiers: E 471, E477, Antiumektant: E 551, Chantilly Aroma.

The product is gluten-free. Milk is added as desired (vegetable milk can also be used). See your own nutritional content for the milk.

Packaged for Sorze4 AS in Brazil.

Nutritional content per 100 ml (7, 5g)

Energy 290 kJ/69 kcal, total fat 2, 5g (4.5), of this saturated fat 2.2 g (10) and Transfat 0g, sodium 9 mg, total carbohydrate 2, 4g (1), of this dietary fiber 2g (7).

Numbers in the Parantics,, provide the recommended daily intake for the one who has a diet of 200 kcal.


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