Specialty Coffee

Green Coffee Beans
Price export (EUR)

We sell coffee found in all grocery stores, newsagents and petrol stations in Norway. We have been the supplier of the coffee used in TINE's (Norway's largest dairy company) ice coffee for the past 10+ years. Norway's most sold RTD coffee.

We distribute green coffee beans from our warehouse in Trondheim, Norway.


In Norway

In Trondheim or on its way to Trondheim

More information about our specialty coffee

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Price and availability are subject to our confirmation.

Orders are considered FOT (free on truck) or FOB (free on board) Trondheim.

The product is in Norway and therefore no customs clearance costs apply for the customer, if delivery is to the address in Norway.

Customers can be granted credit (up to a pre-determined credit limit).

Discounts are calculated per order, with the exception of annual discounts for contract customers calculated from total purchases.


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