JustFiber® - A prebiotic dietary fiber

1 gram per day for 4 weeks will 6-fold the amount of Bifidobacterium. Research has shown that prebiotic fibers can help maintain a strong immune system, by building a healthy lower intestinal tract that improves the absorption of nutrients, and helps maintain proper digestion.

EFSA Journal 2010;8(10):1735

Health claims approved in the EU and EEA:

A minimum of 4 g/day soluble fiber ensures a healthy and functional digestive system.

JustFiber® is a dietary fiber.

A minimum of 5g of soluble dietary fiber helps you feel fuller for longer...

To control your body weight

1 to 5 g per day can reduce the rise in blood sugar levels...

Because it slows down the digestion and absorption of sugar.

Has a beneficial effect on blood sugar and insulin levels in the blood...

Suitable for diabetics.

Helps maintain a healthy immune system...

Is food good for the good gut bacteria?

Fiber helps reduce fat absorption...

It slows down digestion

The health of the heart and circulatory system…

Fiber can contribute to the maintenance of the system

Can lower cholesterol...

Include soluble dietary fiber in a healthy diet and lifestyle

Net weight 150 g

A prebiotic dietary fiber

JustFiber® is available to consumers, packed in 150g doybags.

If you order from outside Norway, or are an importer/distributor, contact us.

For more information see justfiber.no

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