Frøya Gelato Divino

The taste of Divine Ice Cream - Without Sugar!

This slogan captures the essence of Frøya Gelato Divino, the sugar-free ice cream that gives you the same enchanting taste as if it were sweetened with sugar.
Frøya is the Norse goddess of love and beauty.

A heavenly ice cream experience!

Without added sugar...

Enjoy a heavenly ice cream experience without sugar, but with all the flavor and creamy texture you love. Let me introduce you to Claudia Münch's newest creation – an ice cream that has already set its course from Norway to Brazil's larger ice cream factories.

Can also be used for Sorbet and Juice ice cream. 

Our customers choose this product because it is the only one that makes ice cream that tastes like it has sugar in it!

Sweetened with JustSweet®:
Frøya Gelato Divino (divine ice cream) is sweetened with JustSweet®, a natural sweetener, produced and developed by sorze4 AS, which provides the perfect balance between sweetness and healthiness. We have kept polyols/sugar alcohols to a minimum, so that the vast majority of people can enjoy this ice cream without worrying about upset stomachs (probably everyone).

No Artificial Sweeteners:
We swear by the natural. No synthetic artificial sweeteners here! Frøya Gelato Divino tastes like it's made with sugar, but without the unwanted additives and aftertastes all of these have. There is pure pleasure in every bite.

The protein edition for Active Lifestyles:
For those who train hard, we have a special protein edition. This variant is used by gyms in Brazil. With extra protein, it gives you a healthy and delicious reward after a workout.

Simple preparation:
Frøya Gelato Divino is easy to make. Just add powdered milk and regular milk to the ice cream maker and let the magic happen. The result? A soft, silky ice cream with the perfect balance between sweetness and creaminess.

Currently Not Available for Private:
We work hard to do Frøya Gelato Divino available to all. For now, it's reserved for ice cream factories, but we promise we'll share this sweet secret with the world soon.

So the next time you crave a sugar-free ice cream experience, remember the name: Frøya Gelato Divino - Claudia Münch's pride and your tasty delight. 

Delivered to ice cream manufacturers and corporate customers in nitrogen-infused doybags of 1,5 Kg. Larger packs can be ordered.

Contact us for more information.

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