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14. May 2022
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1. April 2021

Fruity'n Sweet

This is our range of non-Amazon fruit beverages

It has 1 kcal?

Not completely calorie-free, because it is a natural product, with prebiotic fiber, but how much time do you spend on burning 1 kcal (4,18 kJ)?

1 kcal, or in the right way; 4.18 kJ (kilo Joule) may sound a lot, but to put it simply: If you drink half a liter of Fruity'n Sweet you will burn all calories in less than 1 minute. It is enough to go back to the kitchen with the empty glass!

If a drink has 0, 1 or 10 kcal then it means very little in the big context!

Fruity'n Sweet is produced in the same way as our Amazon Secret. The only difference is that Amazon Secret has Amazon fruit, while Juicy'n Sweet® has other exciting flavors.

You can buy the product in boxes of portion packages to make glass (200-250 ml), and larger bags that give 1 liter of low-calorie fruit drink, which tastes like sweetened with sugar, but it is not.

Fruity'n Sweet - Sweet Dreams are made of this

Drink it cold or hot!

If you buy a low calorie juice sweetened with artificial sweetening then it can be drunk cold, but you can not make a hot fruit drink. It is not recommended to heat sweeteners such as aspartame, acesulfame K, and Sucralose.

Aspartame loses its sweetness and becomes methanol and amino acids upon heating. New research shows that sucrolose becomes toxic by heating above 95 ° C and especially children are not very tolerant when it comes to toxins.

Fruity'n Sweet is prebiotic

It means (documented with research) that if you drink 1 glass of Fruity'n Sweet every day you will after 4 weeks have at least 6 times more good bacteria in the intestinal system. Research has shown that prebiotics are positive for the immune system and for blood sugar *.

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