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Packaging of products - Sorze4

With Sorze4 AS we are experts in packing and delivering a range of products, from dry goods to coffee beans (but not animal foods such as meat and fish). We offer tailor-made packaging services to suit your needs:

  1. Dry goods, powder: Our experienced team ensures that your dry goods are properly packed and ready for distribution. If there is a need for it, we pack with nitrogen infusion in the pack.
  2. Capsules and Tablets: We also handle the packaging of capsules and tablets that are often sold as health food. Our precise processes ensure that your products reach customers in perfect condition. Packed in doybag, plastic box or metal box.
  3. Coffee beans and Instant Coffee: Sorze4 are proud to be Norway's largest retailer of instant coffee. We pack coffee beans and instant coffee in doybags, with nitrogen so that they stay fresh and tasty.
  4. Bandoling, shrink plastic in a heat tunnel: Do you need to shrink plastic around products, boxes or D-pak with e.g. 6 in the package and we'll arrange it.
  5. Labelling: We have machines that put labels on doybags, boxes, round boxes and bottles. Should you need to print labels in small editions, we can also arrange that.
  6. Affordable and Effective: We understand the importance of competitive pricing. Therefore, we offer package services that are as affordable as companies in China, while maintaining high quality.
  7. Extra services: Do you need specific ingredients or products? We can also get it for you! It was like that Sorze4 started. The name is a paraphrase of “source for”. Our additional services allow you to focus on your core business, selling products, while we take care of the packaging.
  8. Mixing of ingredients: If you need to mix ingredients for a product, we have mixers for 1 Kg, 15 Kg and 500 Kg.

Choose Sorze4 AS for reliable parcel services. Contact us today, and let us help you deliver your products safely and efficiently!

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