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2. March 2019
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4. May 2019

Yes, we agree that instant coffee is not as “fancy” as beans and specialty coffee, but for many it is a quick coffee cup that counts!

Upon request from Bolivia, and because we are planning to deliver to a Norwegian supermarket chain, we have made this new coffee that will be sold at a competitive price. We choose better quality, but keep the price down.

The coffee will be available in larger bags for customers who supply coffee to office machines.

Custom made for those who want to have milk in the coffee

It can of course be consumed without milk, but for anyone who uses milk in the coffee, it is important to choose a coffee type that fits the purpose. This fits very well!

We may well say that it fits very well for a dairy manager who says that the coffee is not the same without milk … everyone has their taste, but this probably works well, even without the milk!

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